Fad Free Nutrition

Helen provides fad-free, scientifically backed nutritional advice, within the constraints of real life.

Services offered are corporate wellness presentations in the workplace, workshop sessions for children in the school setting, informative and inspirational speaking at events, as well as personal consultations for adults and families.

Specialisms include reducing cancer risk, fussy eating behaviour, blood sugar control, mental health and weight management.

Nutrition is continually in the media and the topic of much debate. For informed analysis of topical issues, see Helen’s Blog and follow her on social media.

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Helen’s Blog

Are All Calories Created Equal?

Which is best for weight loss, a lemon muffin with a crunchy sugar topping or a handful of cashew nuts? Surprisingly, the energy (calories) in both are identical.

It's a Minefield!

Wondering which will kill you first, bacon sarnies or celery juice? I am passionate about fighting the fads, and reveal who you can and can't trust for your nutritional info.

Can You Feed Your Sleep?

A huge cat lover, I have always admired their ability to sleep any place, any time. Having suffered with insomnia myself for three decades, I can really sympathise with how much this issue can affect your wellbeing. Can what we eat change how well we sleep?