Attendee of FadFree Workshop 'Weight Management: Does it all come down to Calories?'

The workshop gave me really good, solid advice. It really cuts through all the clutter that I've been bombarded with over the years. It feels sensible and true. Like a road map out of the chaos of weight loss advice. 

Attendee of FadFree Workshop 'How to Step off the Sugar Rollercoaster'

Helen was an enormous support to me. She helped me change my relationship with sugary foods in ways which nobody else, including myself, has ever done before. I didn't think it would ever be possible. She was full of encouragement and lots of practical advice, I could not recommend her highly enough. 

Attendee of FadFree Workshop 'How to Step Off the Sugar Rollercoaster'

The workshop was reeeeally good and I have taken so much away from it, it was well worth the money! What's funny is I read around a lot about food and essentially knew lots of what you said, but the way you delivered it and the insights regarding blood sugar really hit home. The encouragement to make small changes has really motivated me.

I've had two slices of avocado on toast for lunch today and was more mindful about eating it, I didn't stop working but I chewed my food and took my time. Now I'm not desperate to fall on whatever the kids are eating when they get back from school. I'm really pleased. 

Attendee of FadFree Workshop 'How to Step Off the Sugar Rollercoaster'

Two points immediately stand out for me to take away from your course:

Snacks - mine are almost always sweet, no fibre, no planning. I could easily change that with a bit of thought. 

Portion size - I think this is an issue for me. My idea of a reasonable portion is I suspect far from target and one that is a habit probably passed down even from my grandparents. I'll look on the British Heart Foundation website and assess what are ideal portions. 

The idea of making a small change that can be maintained appeals to me and makes sense. INSPIRATIONAL! 

'Improving Health by Eating Well' Presentation for Silva Homes

Just a quick note to say thank you for leading one of the workshops at our colleague conference this year. Your session on nutrition was very much appreciated and the feedback has been very positive. Everyone seemed to have come away at the end of the day with good level of insight, energy and enthusiasm! (Chief Executive)

Attendee of FadFree Workshop 'Nutrition and the Menopause: from Hot Flushes to Heart Health'

I gained so much from this workshop Helen, thank you. It reinforced the "what I can add into my diet rather than take away" message. It has also massively focused my attention to the heart health matter, being overweight it is hugely appropriate for me. The personal impact of your presentation was smashing, obviously reacting to people's facial expressions when facts were delivered. I will be recommending this workshop to my friends, thank you. 


'Healthy Eating in Lockdown' Presentation for Virgin Media

A powerful and impactful session, helping us understand that nutrition isn’t a scary topic!  Brilliant content and fantastic delivery… I’d recommend Helen for any business who puts the health and wellbeing of their employees first. (Director)

This is the best speaker we have ever had! (Attendee)

Feedback from an Instagram Follower

Hi Helen, I just wanted to take the time to say ‘you’re effing brilliant 🤩’ - as a fellow believer in ‘it’s not rocket science’ I find your posts hit the mark perfectly every single time. Your style of writing is so brilliant at getting over things which are so simple without sounding patronising or pretending it is new news. I LOVE it! More people should know about you! xxx

'Nutrition and Cancer Care' Presentation to Members of the Association for Nutrition, Scotland

Comments from two registered nutritionists (RNutr) who organised and attended the talk:

Helen presented brilliantly, it was thoroughly engaging. People often don't know what to say to people living with cancer, and having lived the experience herself, Helen was able to educate beyond theoretical and inform us, as registered nutritionists, on very practical and beneficial ways in which we can support people.  I now feel very comfortable in my understanding of how I can support anyone with a cancer diagnosis that attends our groups.

Helen provided an excellent talk to our group of Registered Nutritionists. It was pitched just right for the audience and it was clear that Helen is very knowledgeable on diet and cancer. She provided clarity on the role of nutritionists in supporting people with cancer and her insight as both a nutrition professional and having been a cancer patient herself was invaluable to the group.  It was such a useful and engaging session.

Participant in Online Group Session

Helen has helped me feel I can do more than just be a cancer patient.

'Healthy Body, Healthy Mind' Presentation for Stark

The team really enjoyed the session and it was very obvious how passionate and knowledgeable you are regarding nutrition, but at the same time, I think you are very mindful of the “real” world.  I guess having 4 children will definitely make you that way!  The session was very inciteful and from the questions which were being posed it was obvious that the team were engaged and interested in the session.  Thank you for taking the time to present. 

'Healthy Body, Healthy Mind' Presentation for Baslow Women's Institute

Thank you so much for the talk yesterday, everyone really enjoyed it. I found it very interesting and even though I consider myself to be pretty healthy I'm definitely going to be making some changes to my own diet. I try to stick to 5 a day but often go for the same old fruit and veg each week so I'm going to try to have a wider variety and also drink more fluid throughout the day. It was also useful to hear which websites to go to for accurate advice as there is a lot of fake news out there on the internet!

One-to-One Consultation for Weight Loss Client

I wasn't sure what today's weigh-in would be but I have lost another pound! I am so shocked that all these little things are adding up and I'm not feeling deprived of anything at all!

'Healthy Eating to Increase Productivity, Energy and Mood' Presentation for Kenshoo, EMEA team

Helen's talk on 'Healthy Eating to Increase Productivity, Energy and Mood' was really well received. Lots of questions from the employees and interest in the topic and follow up. She dispelled many food myths and gave us some great tips on how to incorporate healthy eating into our own lives. I've already got a Weekly Meal Planner!

One-to-One Consultation for Breast Cancer Patient

Helen helped me a couple of months after my breast cancer diagnosis. The most amazing thing was that having had breast cancer herself, Helen really understood my situation. I felt like I/we could talk about anything. We also swapped stories about the many indignities of breast cancer treatment, it felt like we had a lot in common.

As well as being warm and sensitive, Helen was also extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and cancer. She helped dispel a lot of myths around what I should and shouldn’t eat, and what information on-line that I can trust. It made me feel more in control of my health, and even more importantly I am now less scared about eating the ‘wrong’ things (there are no ‘wrong’ foods after a breast cancer diagnosis, even dairy, wine and cake are OK!).

Series of Group Sessions at Clifford House, Sheffield

I am emailing you with my huge appreciation indicating how much I have learned and added to my “cooking for one” experience.

This week I have purchased salmon, sardines and mackerel so I will continue my quest to live healthily, since I am aiming to reach 100 years... You have helped me on my quest.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and learnt a lot of additional information which I am starting to put in to practice.

In the meantime a huge thank you, no even bigger than that... a HUGE thank you!

One-to-one Consultation for Underweight and Fertility Issues

I sought out Helen after experiencing some health concerns that I suspected could be partly due to my diet. When I spoke to Helen my body dysmorphic thoughts were at a high and I was constantly on the hunt for a new intense plan. I was calorie counting and my love for food had basically disappeared. 

She made me realise the importance of balance and how I didn't need to punish myself over a slice of cake. But she was more than that. She supported me emotionally through something that was desperately painful in my mind. We only had a couple of calls but she came out of it feeling like a friend that I had trusted with my issues.

After our final call, I had a few slip ups but today I feel the best I have in years. I sat in a restaurant and tucked into 2 scoops of ice cream and felt guilt free. I could actually enjoy it.  I wouldn't be where I am now if Helen hadn't started me on the right path at the beginning of the year. I'm going into 2020 with a completely new outlook on food and myself. I can't thank her enough for her work and would recommend her services to anyone struggling to find their balance with diet. 

'You Are What You Eat' Interactive Sessions with Children at Dobcroft Junior School, Sheffield

Comment from a teacher:

You gave such an inspirational and informative workshop… thank you so much. A fabulous link with our healthy eating topic – would highly recommend that all children (and adults) attend your talks. My two enjoyed a super healthy tea last night with a rainbow of vegetables.

Comments from Y6 pupils:

Since Helen came to do the workshop with us, I've been eating a lot more healthy foods in my diet and have been pushing myself to eat five portions of fruit and veg every day which I think is a great personal challenge. 

After having the workshop with Helen, I have developed an understanding of how to stay healthy and the consequences of eating too much junk food. I learnt loads. 

It was a great workshop, we now understand the importance of healthy eating.

The workshop that has been presented to us has helped us to understand more about a healthy diet. One thing I have learned is about eating a variety of colourful vegetables. We hope to see you again. 


'Diet and Cancer Risk' Presentation at RE:SYSTEMS, Bakewell

Feedback from the company director:

As an IT business, our team spend most of their time at a desk, leading a sedentary working life. We care about the welfare of our people and wanted to put diet and healthy eating on the agenda so invited Helen in to deliver a workshop on the subject, focussing on the links between diet and cancer.

The session was informative, interesting and relevant. The team really engaged with Helen’s down to earth first hand approach and knowledge and the session raised so much more interest than I originally thought it would. Weeks after, the discussion about diet is still happening and references back to the session are still being made.

It exceeded all my expectations and I know that since the session many of the team have taken on board and implemented some of the small changes that were discussed. Thank you Helen! 

'Feeding Kids' Seminar at the Department for Education, Sheffield

All agreed or strongly agreed that:

  • the seminar was engaging
  • the seminar was useful
  • the seminar was easy to understand
  • they had learnt something that will help them as a parent

The feedback given about the things our employees will remember from the session include:

  • Not to call any food a treat  - this was mentioned quite a few times!
  • How behaviours towards children can impact them as adults and to think more now about installing a life-long positive relationship with food.
  • Not forcing children to clear their plate
  • Portion sizes

One-to-One Consultation for Diabetic Older Adult

Thank you SO much for your efforts and delivery of a fabulously well pitched training and education session for my mum and her carer. They have clearly learned a lot, understood the content and have retained the information. Let's hope they work together to put it into action. Enormous thanks. 

'Diet and Healthy Ageing' Workshop at Secret Warriors Retreat, Great Longstone

Comments from attendees:

Helen is so knowledgeable and was able to provide some very practical tips and advice.

A great session pitched at the right level for the audience. Identification of specific tips was really useful. 

I changed my feelings towards carbs as a result of the session. I feel I've deprived myself unnecessarily!

Really informative talk. Liked Helen's 'sensible' approach to diet, and advice regarding avoiding complete elimination and restriction. 

'Practical Nutrition' Workshop at Cavendish Cancer Care, Sheffield

Comments from delegates:

Definitely a session I would recommend to others. I wondered if I would learn much - OK, I already know (sort of know) a lot of the principles, but the down to earth, reaslitic, science backed info was great, as was the camaraderie of the group.

Lovely group, interactive, informative, well paced.

Very good presentation with time for everyone's input.

I enjoyed the session, it was very informative and professionally presented. 

Practical, non-judgemental, and do-able! 

'Healthy Eating and Diet Myths' Presentation at Breast Cancer Care 'Younger Women' Event, Sheffield

I really enjoyed your talk today and have come away totally inspired!! I loved the way that your advice was so balanced - I’ve just finished chemo and I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the changes I felt I should make to my diet. Before I listened to you speak today I thought that everything had to be ‘all or nothing’ and that I was failing if I had a day where I ate processed food, or succumbed to some bacon!! Thank you!