Helen Ruckledge

Registered Associate Nutritionist
MA, MMedSci, ANutr

Helen is a highly qualified nutritionist, registered with the Association for Nutrition.

With a first-class Masters degree in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Edinburgh and a distinction in her Master of Medical Science degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Sheffield, Helen is continually updating her academic knowledge and broadening her professional experience. She assesses current nutritional issues in the context of scientific research and incorporates the latest evidence into her dietary advice.

The mother of four children and having personally experienced several serious health issues such as breast cancer, gestational diabetes and thyroid disease, Helen is passionate about the importance of nutrition.

Helen is the director of her FadFree Nutrition consultancy, offering trusted, professional advice to a diverse range of clients in the corporate, school and home environments. Her dietary advice is based on scientific evidence, not fads, trends or gimmicks. 

Managing a busy family, Helen understands the dietary issues facing everyone with demanding lives and offers practical and realistic nutritional solutions. Her background in psychology allows her to recommend realistic strategies for dietary behaviour change.

Helen’s Blog

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