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Are All Calories Created Equal?

Which is best for weight loss, a lemon muffin with a crunchy sugar topping or a handful of cashew nuts? Surprisingly, the energy (calories) in both are identical.

It's a Minefield!

Wondering which will kill you first, bacon sarnies or celery juice? I am passionate about fighting the fads, and reveal who you can and can't trust for your nutritional info.

Can You Feed Your Sleep?

A huge cat lover, I have always admired their ability to sleep any place, any time. Having suffered with insomnia myself for three decades, I can really sympathise with how much this issue can affect your wellbeing. Can what we eat change how well we sleep?

The Big C

There is never a good time to be diagnosed with the Big C. I was diagnosed with breast cancer myself, two weeks after my fourth child started school. Not a good time! However, it's particularly hard at the moment, in the middle of a global pandemic.

Picky Eating Parenting Strategies

Are your family mealtimes super stressful and dictated by everyone's likes and dislikes? This video discusses tried and tested parenting strategies for preventing or improving picky eating behaviour.

Creative Cooking

The vibe I’m getting from my friends this week is that everyone is a bit jaded with banging out meal after meal for their families and even those who love cooking are gradually losing inspiration.

Lockdown Nutrition Tips

With mountains of misinformation on-line about what to eat to prevent or lessen the symptoms of COVID-19, it's easy to be completely confused. Do you need 5 top tips from a qualified nutritionist to clarify the mayhem?

Food and Mood

Does what you eat affect your mood and mental health? There's still a long way for science to progress in this area but there is already evidence that your diet affects your mental wellbeing.

Feeding Kids

Although it is many parents' dream to nurture their children with nutritious and delicious home cooking, the reality of feeding kids healthily at home is rarely as easy as it sounds.

Can I Boost my Immune System?

In the face of COVID-19, lots of people are asking whether the immune system can be "boosted" through diet.