Nutritional speaker

My passion for nutrition provides the perfect basis for informative and inspirational speaking at a diverse range of events. Understanding the importance of a healthy diet is crucial to physical and mental wellbeing and can be life changing.

All talks are tailored for different audiences and can be delivered in person or online with no limit on numbers.

In the corporate wellbeing domain, investing in improving the nutritional health of the workforce has been shown to improve productivity, concentration and team morale and reduce stress and associated mental health issues. Corporate team members hugely benefit from the shared experience of attending a dynamic nutritional presentation by a qualified nutritionist, in which they can ask questions and come away with realistic and practical dietary solutions.

I provide regular talks at charities, cancer centres, schools and community groups to provide support and inspiration to clients and members. These workshops can be a lifeline for those who are struggling with their physical and mental health, who want to make changes but don't know how.  

All my presentation content arises directly from the scientific evidence base. It always includes nutritional myth busting and practical tips for small dietary changes which can realistically be made in everyday life. All talks are supportive and interactive with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

Topics are applicable to everyone and include 'Healthy Body, Healthy Mind', ‘Food and Mood’, ‘The Sugar Rollercoaster’, ‘Feeding Kids’, ‘Reducing Cancer Risk’ and more. Suggestions for bespoke topics are also welcomed. 

Please see the testimonials section of my website to discover how these sessions can help a diverse range of people.

To discuss booking me to speak at a wellbeing event or workshop please call me on 07768 194095 or email