Cancer Nutrition

I am absolutely dedicated to raising awareness about how cancer risk is affected by food and nutrition and strive to improve the physical and mental health of those diagnosed with cancer.

Having had breast cancer myself, I understand the fear of whether eating and drinking certain things could increase risk of recurrence. I completely relate to the confusion over how best to eat to improve prognosis and long term health. I have extensively researched the literature in this field for my own benefit and I passionately want to pass this knowledge onto others.

I offer personal, empathetic, one-to-one support for people who have received a primary cancer or secondary cancer diagnosis. Online group sessions are also offered which give the opportunity to meet others in a similar position.

The minefield of cancer nutrition misinformation that can be found in the media is particularly difficult to navigate when feeling vulnerable and I can help you unpick this. I give practical advice on how to improve prognosis after cancer, how to support the immune system, how to maximise energy and stabilise mental health through and beyond treatment.  

Concerned about nutrition after a cancer diagnosis? Please don’t worry. Contact me for a free 15 minute discovery call to tell me your cancer story and find out how I can help you. My phone number is 07768 194095 and email