Corporate Nutrition

Employers are in a position to educate their employees about not only the importance of a healthy diet but also about dietary myths that are perpetuated by the media. This benefits individuals and their families, as well as society in general. Investing in improving the nutritional health of the workforce has also been shown to improve productivity, resulting in less sickness leave, better concentration and reducing stress and associated mental health issues.

Corporate packages can be flexible and designed around the particular needs of the business. Advice can be delivered in a variety of formats, including lectures to larger groups, workshops, one-to-one advice to individual employees and suggestions about the food served in corporate retail settings.

Helen is dedicated to raising awareness about the cancer risks associated with food and nutrition and offers presentations to educate the workforce about how to reduce their cancer risk in practical and realistic ways. A percentage of fees from these cancer-related corporate packages is donated to Cavendish Cancer Care, a Sheffield charity providing an immensely valuable service to local people affected by cancer.

If you would like to discuss what Helen could do for your business or employer, please call her on 07768 194095 or email